Fire Prevention Week – Checklist


  • Replace any worn out appliances or devices showing signs of age or damage
  • Replace Smoke Detectors every 10 years, replace batteries every year
  • Install interconnected smoke detectors, when one goes off they all go off
  • Install a smoke detector in every bedroom
  • Install a C0 detector in your house. It’s the new law
  • Replace fixtures that do not have a cover over the bulbs especially in closets and other confined spaces
  • Use appliances and devices according to guidelines and instructions
  • Have a licensed electrical contractor do a safety/fire prevention check of your electrical system
  • Hire a qualified, insured & licensed electrical contractor for all electrical installations & repairs


  • Use damaged appliances or devices
  • Overuse extension cords or power bars
  • Ignore signs of a problem
  • Overload your electrical system
  • Use unlicensed workers



For more information on fire Prevention go to Fire Prevention Canada at

For more information on the Electrical Safety Authority go to