Only a Licensed Electrical Contractor, an HVAC technician and You, the home owner, are authorized to do electrical work in your home.

Albright Electric ESA/ECRA Licence # 7004348

An HVAC technician [Heating & Cooling contractor] gets training and authorization to connect your heating and cooling equipment only.  This is so they can complete and power up the equipment they install to ensure it is working properly before they leave and so you don’t have to get a second contractor in just to hook it up.

You, the home owner, are allowed to install wiring and devices for yourself in your own home as long as you get a permit and get your work inspected and certified by the Electrical Safety Authority.  This is to ensure it is done right and is safe for you and your family.

Licensed Electrical Contractors like Albright Electric
must have licensed electricians including a Master Electrician on staff as well as proof of WSIB coverage & liability insurance in order to receive a Contractor’s License.  A licensed electrical contractor is the only third party that can install wiring and devices in your home or work on your electrical service and equipment.

Licensed electricians have completed several levels of training both in class and on the job.  They must also complete qualification exams to receive their designation.  Safety training continues throughout an electrician’s career to ensure current code and safety practices.

Regardless of who does the work; a permit must be taken out by the person or company doing the work so that it can be certified by the Electrical Safety Authority.  This is for your assurance and insurance.

Improper electrical wiring can result in fire and shock hazards in your home, It can also cause property damage which in turn can affect any insurance coverage claims.  Always ask the person who comes to the door to show their license and always have the person doing the work take out the permit.

For peace on mind and a job well done always hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor for all your electrical repairs and installations.  It’s the Right thing to do and it’s the law.

For more information about ensuring you are hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor go to www.esasafe.com