Space Heaters

A Space Heater is a small appliance that plugs into a regular 110 volt electrical outlet and is used to warm a small area or room, as opposed to a central heating system designed to warm a large area or whole building.  Space Heaters are usually used as temporary solutions to add supplemental heat to a particular room where the primary heat source is inadequate such as a basement or a room used by people who are sensitive to cold such as the elderly.   They are not meant to be used to dry clothes, warm a bed or thaw pipes.  Misuse of these appliances can lead to serious injury and fire hazards.

Be safe – General Tips

When purchasing:

  • Choose a space heater with a sensor that shuts the heater off if it overheats or gets tipped over.
  • Also purchase a unit that has a thermostat control as opposed to one with off/on or high/low settings.
  • Read the owner’s manual that comes with your heater and use only as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Look for a label from a recognized testing laboratory such as CSA or UL.

While in use:

  • Check cords and heater to ensure it is in good condition and always plug heater directly into the electrical outlet, never use extension cords or power bars.
  • Do not leave space heaters unattended, always turn it off when you are leaving the room or going to bed.  These heaters are not suitable for use around children or pets.
  • Give space heaters space, keep unit a minimum of 3 feet or 1 meter away from any materials and never place close to doors or open windows.
  • Space heaters are not designed to be used in bathrooms or any place where water is present.

After use:

  • Allow appliance to cool down completely before storing away.
  • Store in space that is clean and dry.
  • Consider replacing any old heaters with new models that have better safety functions.

Alternatively, we recommend that you consider installing a baseboard or convection heater that is mounted on the wall and directly wired into a 220 volt circuit of your home’s electrical system.  That way it is always there when you need it and it is much safer for you and your family.  We at Albright Electric would be happy to assist you in choosing the right type and size of heater to suit your needs.

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For more information on space heaters

CanadaSafetyCouncil  or this Globe and Mail article