Ice Storm Warning – Downed Power Lines Possible

Freezing Rain + 70 km/h Winds = Ice Storm

Environment Canada is warning of a possible ice storm this weekend throughout the Toronto area and Durham Region.  Freezing rain, combined with gusts of wind up to 70 km/h, can bring down trees and power lines and leave homes without power.

Toronto Hydro has an Emergency Checklist on their website so you can be sure you have the supplies you’ll need if you find yourself without power for more than a couple of hours.

An ice storm with high winds can cause downed power lines which are extremely dangerous.  Stay clear and call 9-1-1 and your power company immediately.  For more information on electrical safety during stormy weather, check out these tips from ESA (The Electrical Safety Authority).

During “The Great Ice Storm of 2013″ (link), there were many homes that had the meter boxes pulled right off the side of their houses and the overhead wires knocked down.  Albright Electric was there through it all repairing dozens of meter boxes and service masts.  Once Toronto Hydro replaced the damaged overhead wires we were able to get the power back on for many families.

If the ice storm causes the same kind of damage this weekend, Albright Electric is on call and ready to get your lights, and heat, back on as quickly as possible.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (416) 466-9939 if the electrical service at your home is damaged.

Be prepared and stay safe.


Remember the 2013 Ice Storm?

Two years ago today the ice storm downed many power lines and left thousands of people without power over Christmas.

Albright Electric was there to help

Ice Storm Emergency Service
Albright Electric working through the Ice Storm to restore power to homes

The entire team at Albright Electric worked throughout the holidays to restore power to many homes in Toronto.

Remember – downed power lines are extremely dangerous.  If you see a downed power line stay at least 10 metres away and call 911 and the local utility company immediately.

Albright Electric is always available for emergencies and we have decades of experience for everything electrical for your home or business.  We specialize in rewiring your home to eliminate old Knob & Tube wiring without damage to walls, ceilings or moldings.  For service upgrades, breaker panels, lighting, generators and more, call or email Albright Electric for a free quote – anytime.

For more information on power line safety, take a look on the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) website.

Stay safe & Merry Christmas