April is Dig Safe Month


April is DIG SAFE month so I thought I would share some information to help you plan your outdoor Projects.  If you are going to build a deck or fence, plant a tree, install landscape lighting or repair your foundation; before you break ground call Ontario 1 Call at 1-800-400-2255 to request a Locate Service.  Locates are ground markings and sheet drawings identifying and documenting the position of utility lines such as water, gas, phone and hydro.  Make your request 1 to 2 weeks before you plan to start digging to give all the utility companies time to come out and do their part.  Once you have your locates and are ready to begin  remember you still need to dig with care.  Although your utilities are marked other things might not be; such as sprinkler systems, lines to outdoor electrical outlets etc.  Always dig by hand within 1 meter of markings, use a shovel as opposed to a pick and take your time to avoid injury, property damage, disruption of services or expensive repairs.  Locates are free of charge and required by law so in the interest of public safety and accident prevention call first.


Albright Electric is happy to provide a free quote for any projects involving your electrical system.  Outdoor lights & plugs, pools and ponds, garage devices and electrical car charging stations.

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