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Albright Electric has upgraded the electrical panel in thousands of homes since 1946.

Whatever the size or age of your home, Albright has the experience to expertly upgrade your electrical panel to bring your home up to today's safety standards and to ensure enough power for all your appliances and electronic devices. Our Master Electricians take great pride in their workmanship and always ensure the job is done right - the first time.

The Electrical Panel distributes power throughout your home and protects your home from an electrical overload by shutting down the circuit that is drawing too much power. Homes that were built decades ago were not designed to provide the power needed for the number and variety of appliances and devices that are in today's average home. Portable heaters, hair dryers, air conditioning, dishwashers and microwaves - the Electrical Panel in many older homes was not designed to safely supply the power needed for these appliances. An inadequate supply of power is not only unsafe but can reduce the life of many appliances and electronics by making them work harder to run with a reduced power supply.

Call Albright today for a free quote to upgrade your electrical system!

Surge Protection:

Albright can install Whole Home surge protection to protect your valuable electronics and appliances from from power spikes. Many people have power bars in their homes that may or may not also be surge protectors and are of varying quality. Common reasons for power surges are lightning, utility company power spikes, large appliances (Clothes Dryer or Air Conditioner) going on and off - these can all cause a sudden spike in power that can damage, or more likely silently reduce the life of your electronics. Whole Home surge protection installed right at the electrical panel can ensure quality protection for your whole home

Meter BaseService (100/200amp)

Service Upgrades are typically needed for older homes and usually are part of an electrical panel upgrade.

Older homes typically had a 60amp service - today's standard is 100 amps which can safely supply power to your whole home and also allows for newer heating and cooling systems or any other future expansion. A service upgrade also adds to the resale value of the home. There are many compelling reasons to upgrade now. Give us a call today.

Our Master Electricians have many years of experience and take great pride in their workmanship and always ensure the job is done right - the first time.

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